How to Get the Best Prices on Your Tyres

How to Get the Best Prices on Your Tyres


Tyre-maintenance can be an expensive job. Here are 3 tips and tricks that help you keep your Tyres functioning smoothly and safely, at affordable prices.

  • Identify the Right Tyre for Your Car

Believe it or not, installing the wrong kind of Tyre for their cars is one of the most expensive mistakes car owners make. The car make and model comes with its own set of requirements, as does driving preferences and terrain. Looking at exactly what you’re driving, and how you drive it, is important when making the choice of Tyres.

Wrong choices that put too much strain on the Tyres can result in faster burnout and a reduced usability period, not to mention being a safety hazard. So pick your choice carefully. Once you’ve identified a type, you can shop around for the best Tyre shop online. A great way to style you’re 4×4 vehicle is with bull bars, they really give your ride that extra styling touch to look amazing. However you want to make sure you get quality 4X4 bull bars and find the best looking one suit your 4×4.

  • Find a Shop or Tyre Selling Site that Installs Your Tyre for You

Tyre installation is risky business, as improperly installed tyres are a huge safety hazard. Unless you’ve got plenty of experience, it’s best to leave the installation to the professionals. Stores that include installation as part of their package are more likely to provide a lower overall price for the labour and the product, combined. This also saves you the hassle of having to find trusted people to complete the installation.

  • Keep the “4x” Principle in Mind.

Another obvious one that is surprisingly easy to overlook. Many sites and stores list prices, for either products or the installation or both, for only one Tyre. But for you, the actual cost to buy michelin tyres, that amount multiplied by four! So if you think you’ve got a ridiculously great deal for the product as well as its mounting and balancing, double-check to see that it is indeed for the whole package. One way to make sure is to ask for the “all-in” price, that includes the labour overheads as well. This will show you the tyre price being placed on the table and to figure out if you can stay within budget or not.

So there you have it: 3 easy ways to keep tyre prices down while maintaining the safety and efficiency of your Tyres. We hope this article helps you!

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